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Our coaches have RCS certificate- internationaly acknowledged education ICF.
Therfore our coaching is based on high standards and ethical codex of ICF.

Luděk Bouška

I try to listen to your potential. And I search the best ways and instruments than can help you. We concentrate on results, looking to the future and living future now.
It is hard work. But chalenging. Going out of tehe bounderies of average. Possitive feedback that helps.
RCS coaching comes out of ne3est findings about brain functioning. It functions and leads to results.

Aleš Míchálek

Certified by Results Coaching Systems (NeuroLeadership Group)
Coaching methods: RCS (brain-based coaching)

Katka Mocáková

In team coaching I use the method of small learning steps, knowledge sharing, and experiential learning. This approach provides coachees with opportunities to share their experience and ideas. At the same time, it significantly increases the permanence of newly acquired skills, because they are repeatedly proven and improved in real situations.


Results Coaching Systems

ICF - international coaching federation